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If you’re on social media, you’re probably becoming quite familiar with Athletic Greens; they’re a one-product, subscription-based wellness brand that recently raised $115 million, boosting its pre-money valuation to $1.2 billion. How are they putting this money to work, you may be asking? A substantial portion towards building and scaling the brand’s influencer marketing strategy. While Athletic Greens already has many celebrity fans like Shonda Rhimes and their product name across Daniel Hemric’s No. 11 Chevrolet, they are looking to expand their customer base even more through influencer marketing.

We think that Athletic Greens is currently setting the standard in influencer marketing, from working with Gen Z’s favorite TikTok talent to leaning into UGC and leveraging podcasters. Today, we look at what they are doing and why they’ve been so successful.

Wowing Gen-Z

Case Study: Athletic Greens | The Social Standard - The Social Standard (1)While the wellness brand doesn’t create content for its TikTok account, they have mastered influencer marketing on the social media platform, utilizing Gen-Z talent to promote its products. #athleticgreens has over 86.8 million views, and #athleticgreenspartner has over 39.9 million views. These large numbers have been generated solely from influencer posts on the platform.

Athletic Greens does a great job working with creators that are a natural and authentic fit for their brand values. When building an influencer marketing strategy, pick talent intentionally to ensure reaching your target audience. Check out one of our favorite Athletic Greens TikTok influencers below:

Kate Glavan

Kate Glavan is a 23-year-old content creator living in New York City. She has built her online community (and partnerships) around her passions: Politics, Wellness, and Climate Change. Her content centers heavily around her healthy lifestyle, where she partners with brands like HOKA, Class Pass, golde, and Supergoop.

Her content feels authentic because she’s been vocal about only participating in brand deals that are a true fit for her lifestyle. As a wellness enthusiast, athlete, and proponent of living a healthy lifestyle, this partnership is no surprise. Check out an example of her content for Athletic Greens here that generated over 5.6M views.

The beauty (and genius) of the partnership is that they didn’t limit it to TikTok. Kate also shares content for the brand on her Instagram account.

Leaning into UGC

Case Study: Athletic Greens | The Social Standard - The Social Standard (2)

UGC or user-generated content is one of the most authentic ways to showcase consumer experiences, and Athletic Greens has utilized it perfectly. The brand noticed UGC of morning routines highlighting products resonated with audiences on a human level. The content outperformed paid and organic branded posts, so they leaned into the creative direction to maximize performance.

Amy Endemann, the VP of Marketing for Athletic Greens, said, “we get a lot of green selfies, folks posting their greens in gorgeous locations and unboxing experiences.” Now it’s best practice to see this format in their influencer partnerships. Influencers detail morning routines, from waking up to working out (and always) getting in their daily dose of Athletic Greens. Here is one such example from @guttalkgirls on TikTok.

The brand reposts UGC to their Instagram stories and in their paid campaigns. A strategy so effective, The Social Standard launched a performance-creative division to help brands develop UGC campaigns & implement them into their paid media.

Start a UGC campaign by asking customers to share feedback via social media or host giveaways with customers creating content to enter. Your brand may already have UGC content, so search for relevant hashtags and tagged posts.

Podcasters are Key

Case Study: Athletic Greens | The Social Standard - The Social Standard (3)

When thinking about influencer marketing, most brands forget about a valuable group of creators, podcasters. Athletic Greens hasn’t been shy about getting their name out there. They’ve sponsored some of the biggest shows in the world, spending over $2.7 million in March 2022 alone, including sponsorships with The Joe Rogan Experience, reaching 11 million listeners per episode. Sponsoring a show of that magnitude is guaranteed to reach audiences at scale.

In addition to the JRE Experience, Athletic Greens sponsored The Tim Ferriss Show and Finding Mastery. The brand has a proven model of why you should be spending time (and money) advertising on podcasts.The results from sponsoring these large podcasts were so positive that the brand decided to launch its show, Inspiring Lives, which focuses on performance mindsets, entrepreneurship, fitness, and nutrition. Their show performed well for customer engagement and must bring in nice wins on the acquisition side.

A forward-thinking mentality is why Athletic Greens has continuously achieved success. The Social Standard has seen the impact of podcast advertising firsthand, gaining over 10 million impressions for the dating app Hinge, utilizing pre-roll and mid-roll mentions on romance/love-related programming.

Athletic Greens is Truly Setting The Standard

From reaching new audiences through authentic partnerships on TikTok to utilizing UGC to its max efficiency, and sponsoring the biggest podcasts in the world, Athletic Greens is an excellent case study on how to scale influencer marketing in 2022.

They have mastered getting in front of their target audience and reaching new customers. Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Test new strategies and find what works best for your brand.

Scale Your Influencer Marketing

The Social Standard is a full-service influencer marketing agency driven by setting the standard for the industry and then reaching even higher. Our team is obsessed with finding the right influencers for our partners. But we are way more than just matchmakers. We are strategists that develop effective campaigns to delight, inspire, entertain and hit business goals. From concept to seamless execution, we work with clients such as Adobe, FiatChrysler, L’Oreal, Motorola and others, positioning them as pioneers in innovative influencer marketing and helping talent thrive in the creator economy. Want to learn more about our agency’s work? Shoot us an email at We’d love to collaborate.

Case Study: Athletic Greens | The Social Standard - The Social Standard (2024)


Does athletic green really work? ›

Is Athletic Greens actually helpful? There are currently no published studies on whether the AG1 greens powder actually works. However, the formula contains various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics with real health benefits.

What is the Athletic Greens influencer strategy? ›

Athletic Greens initiated their influencer strategy by examining their own customer base. During an interview on the Leveling Up podcast with Eric Siu, Athletic Greens' COO, Kat Cole, shared that their approach focuses on collaborating with creators who genuinely use and enjoy their products.

How long does it take for AG1 to work? ›

In most cases, it may take up to 90 days for the benefits to begin to compound. Take AG1 on an empty stomach. This allows for the best absorption.

What are the negative side effects of AG1? ›

What Are the Negative Side Effects of AG1? Although AG1 is designed to improve gut health, some may experience diarrhea, bloating, and stomach discomfort when taking ingredients such as chlorella and inulin. Other ingredients, like green tea extract, may also cause allergic reactions.

Is AG1 worth the hype? ›

AG1's biggest selling point is that it's a solid multivitamin; but unfortunately, it won't cover all your needs. AG1 contains low levels of important micronutrients like calcium and magnesium, which most of us fail to get enough of (8, 9). It's also completely void of vitamin D, iron, and omega-3's.

What celebrities are endorsing Athletic Greens? ›

Holdings; individual celebrity investors include Hugh Jackman, Cindy Crawford, Tim Ferriss, Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, and Peloton's Robin Arzón.

Who owns Athletic Greens company? ›

My name's Chris Ashenden, and I'm the Founder and CEO of Athletic Greens.

Does AG1 help with brain fog? ›

But instead of zeroing in on a single prebiotic like inulin, there is a variety of prebiotics we should be consuming to feed a greater variety of probiotics in our digestive tract. One of the main things that people boast about when starting with AG1 is that they feel more alert and energetic with less brain fog.

What is better than AG1? ›

The Best AG1 (Athletic Greens) Alternatives
  • Live it Up Supergreens. Closest AG1 Alternative. ...
  • Garden of Life Perfect Food Green Superfood. Best affordable AG1 alternative. ...
  • Bloom Greens & Superfoods. Best-tasting AG1 alternative. ...
  • Naked Nutrition Naked Greens. Best all-natural option.
Apr 17, 2024

Does AG1 help with anxiety? ›

Meanwhile, the adaptogens in AG1 are improving your body's response to stress so you can better handle mentally and physically demanding situations. Phytonutrients and antioxidants are promoting brain and immune health which helps with energy, recovery, and mood in addition to supporting the skin barrier.

Does Athletic Greens help you lose weight? ›

Do you lose weight on Athletic Greens? AG1 can be an easy way to get several essential nutrients with one low calorie drink, but it will not affect weight or weight loss on its own.

Are green powders actually effective? ›

In some cases, depending on what you're taking and how much, it may help prevent disease,” Zumpano notes. While there isn't a lot of research around powdered greens, a few small studies show how powdered greens may reduce oxidative stress or may help lower blood pressure.

What is better than Athletic Greens? ›

What are the best Athletic Greens alternatives? The best AG1 alternatives when it comes to health goals include Live it Up Super Greens, Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, and Dr. Mercola Organic Fermented Greens. Others may include Amazing Grass Greens Blend, Organifi Green Juice, and Bloom Greens.

Does Athletic Greens reduce inflammation? ›

Reduced Inflammation: Many of the ingredients in Athletic Greens have anti-inflammatory properties, including turmeric, ginger, and spirulina. This can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which is a common cause of pain and discomfort.


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