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Oath: Deathbringer

"You vow to control the power of life and death, dabbling in the idea of the undead. Your power comes from pure shadow - what you do with it is up to you."

+5 Ether, 1 Support Slot, 1 Wildcard Slot

-Deathbringer Talent Card Description

Decided to make a necromancer build, because they technically are in the game, I'm going to really try not to make it busted but yeah.


1. 50 Shadowcast

2. Positive Reputation with The Ministry

3. Killed at least 10 players

4. 40 Charisma

5. Power 20

6. Killed Duke Erisia at least once

Obtainment Method:

A new NPC will be added in Outpost Antumbra. His name is Haxeth, an Etrean, and he wears the Prophet's Cloak and no blindfold. He's leaning back on the tree in the courtyard. You have to talk to him to start the quest, and his dialogue tree goes like this:

If you haven't met any of the requirements:

Haxeth: Torn apart, you will become one yourself. *He smiles insanely.*

If you have met the requirement:

Haxeth: A pawn? No, not a pawn. More than that... perhaps this one is... ripe for learning.

Player: 1. Are... you okay? 2. *Nod to the man.* I am.

H: 1. Okay? More than that, friend. (Ends the conversation) 2. Yes, YES. Finally, one to RAISE.

P: 1. I need to know. 2. Goodbye.

H: Knowledge, knowledge of him... easy. Simple, even. Do you know, know what to do?

P: 1. I do know. 2. I do not know. 3. Goodbye.

H: 1. Lying, lying snake! I do not like the deceit. NO MORE! (Ends the conversation) 2. Simple, simple. *He looks at you, his expression turning from whimsical, insane joy to seriousness. His tone becomes sharp, his words cutting like knives into you, making you bleed.* Cut it off. Gouge it out.

P: 1. Cut? Gouge? 2. Goodbye.

H: Cut your left hand off. Gouge your left eye out.

P: 1. Rip your flesh from your pathetic meat bag of a body. 2. Goodbye.

H: *Your hand falls to the ground, a worthless appendage. With your other hand, you gouge out your eye, crushing the jelly in your hand.* Haha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH! YES! WONDERFUL! A TRUE ONE, DEDICATED TO UNDEATH! GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD! CLOSE YOUR EYE, MY FRIEND, AND RECIEVE GODHOOD!

P: Close your eye.

H: *You hear a squelching noise as he puts something in your empty eye socket, and then a slamming sound as he puts something on your stump of a hand. His tone becomes sharp again, commanding even.* Rise, necromancer. Rise, summoner of the undead. RISE, DEATHBRINGER!

The conversation ends and the screen slowly comes back. You receive the Oath, along with its first mantra. Your left eye has a golden pupil, with black sclera, and your left hand is black, with tendrils of darkness swirling around it.

To upgrade the Oath, you need to kill 4 special Ministry Necromancers. They have a total of 1500 HP, and can summon 5 Mudskippers instead of 3. You can kill them in any order. Here are the locations:

  • On the tiny island next to the Minitrysa shores.

  • On the island where Imel is.

  • In the Hidden Village, sitting near the fountain

  • Near the Jetstriker Orb in the Birdcage


  1. Support Mantra - Raise Dead: When a humanoid NPC or player at your level or above is killed by you, you can use Raise Dead to resurrect them at half-health (NPCs with less that 1500 HP will go to 1500 HP). They have grey skin and have a black circle swirling around their feet, like the Jetstriker cosmetic. They can use all of their mantras and passives in battle, and you can have a maximum of 3 NPCs and 1 Player. Any more will kill the oldest summon. Players will have the same nametag, but below, where the guild name usually is, it will say "Undead".

  2. Passive - Vow of Undeath: All Vow of Mastery commands can be used on your undead minions.

  3. Combat Mantra - Call of Death: You wind up your left hand, and release tendrils of shadow towards your opponent. If hit, the opponent is ensnared by the tendrils, pulled towards you, and slammed into the ground. If it does enough damage, it auto-executes and creates an undead.

  4. Passive - Grasp of Darkness: If one of your minions kills an enemy, the minion will automatically heal to full health. A creature that kills your minion will receive only 25% HP than they usually get.

  5. Support Mantra - Undying Loyalty: If no summons are available, you can summon 3 mudskippers, each with 2000 HP. Has a static cooldown of 3 minutes. (Server switches work too, so you can have minions in Chime.)

Really tried to not make this busted as all hell, but idk man.

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