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Gyoza are dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. Also known as potstickers, gyoza originated in China (where they are called jiaozi), but have become a popular dish in Japan. The typical gyoza filling consists of ground pork, chives, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil, but nowadays many restaurants also came up with a range of other fillings.

I love the original gyoza. And as the filling is entirely compatible with the keto rules, I only had to find the perfect substitute for the dough wrap. My first adept was cabbage according to its excellent wrapping skills, and so this is how keto cabbage gyoza has born! I have huge experience with eating the original Chinese dumplings, and these were at least so good as them!

The given ingredients are for around 12 dumplings. I recommend to double or triple the amount. First, because they’re so good, you won’t stop eating, and second, it is not the type of meal you prepare in ten minutes so that it’s worth the time. One cabbage head will still be enough for the wrapping even if you triple the dose.

How to cook the cabbage

Cut a deep cone-shaped incision into the bottom of the cabbage and remove the core. Place the whole cabbage, bottom side down, in a large pot, at least half-submerged in salted boiling water (before adding the cabbage turn the heat to low to make the water only simmer).

Cook the cabbage, turning it occasionally until its leaves start to soften. Gently and carefully, without ripping them, pull off the leaves one at a time as they soften and become loose. Preferably use tongs and be careful not to burn yourself with the boiling water.

Place the boiled leaves to drain in a large colander or on paper towels. The softened leaves should bend easily, without breaking — if necessary, cook them for a few minutes longer in boiling water to make them more pliable. Leave the smallest leaves at the very core of the cabbage attached as they are too small to be filled. They can be used to patch up the larger leaves in case these are ripped.

How to stuff the cabbage

Stuff the cabbage leaves: place the leaves one at a time on the work surface and spoon about 1 – 2 tablespoons of stuffing on the convex side of one leaf, fold the bottom part of the leaf over the filling, fold in the sides and continue rolling to enclose the filling. Repeat with the remaining leaves and stuffing.

Hope you love the Keto cabbage gyoza recipe, guys. And if you do, I’ll be very happy about a comment.

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Keto Cabbage Gyoza Recipe

Serves: 12 gyoza Prep Time: Cooking Time:

Nutrition facts:200 calories20 grams fat

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For the filling:
200g/ 7oz minced beef
1 small bunch green onions
1 leek
100g/3.5oz Chinese cabbage
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 cloves of garlic, pressed
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh ginger, according to taste
White cabbage
Soy sauce


  1. Parboil white cabbage in salted boiling water for 20 minutes (the whole process is described above). Drain and remove excess water with a towel, core the cabbage (how described in the article above), and divide the cabbage into single leaves.
  2. Chop the Chinese cabbage very finely. Cut the leek and spring onions into small, thin rings. Cut or grate the ginger (depending on how roughly you like it). Press the garlic. Mix the minced meat well with all ingredients, finally salt and pepper, but be careful with the salt, because the soy sauce is also very salty!
  3. Lay out the cabbage leaves and place one teaspoon of stuffing on each, fold them up and close them tight.
  4. Heat a pan with butter and put the Gyozas in it and fry. When they turn brown below (do not leave too light), pour water so that the gyozas are about halfway covered with water. Cover the pan and cook the gyozas until the water is absorbed (do not worry, despite the lid, the water is gone after a short time), which takes about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Serve with soy sauce for dipping.


Keto Cabbage Gyoza Recipe « MyLowCarbMeals (2)


Hi, I’m Lucie and I would like to share my daily cooking of low carb meals for me and my family. Food can be delicious and healthy at the same time.

Keto Cabbage Gyoza Recipe « MyLowCarbMeals (2024)


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