Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (2024)

Hi there! I'm BoredRabbit. I'm a Twitter artist who has a passion for character design. Since Dream Team was my first Mario & Luigi game, I had these Mario & Luigi RPG ideas that are wacky and silly to pull off when I wanted to intimate the Mario & Luigi art style by passion as they're one of my favorite art styles. Since this is going to be my first post on the Mario Boards, here are some box art gimmicks I did.

This will be a long post so I'll update this if you want a TL ; DR.

With that being said let's start with this!

Mario & Luigi: A Grand Day Out

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This was how my Mario & Luigi box art journey started. It all started when I wanted to draw Wallace & Gromit on the Mario & Luigi art style when I was practicing on imitating the M&L art style. However, I actually wanted to do the Mario & Luigi bo art as I find the Offical Mario & Luigi Japanese box arts underrated (the trope: Mario & Luigi stand with a white background. Sometimes has scenarios with Luigi tapping Mario in Bowser's Inside Story, Mario staring at Luigi's dream bubble filled with Luigis on Dream Team, and Luigi pointing at Paper Mario in Paper Jam). I loved those Mario & Luigi box arts where the Mario Bros. stand there with the logo and white background and sometimes shenanigans happen. There are fanmade ones that I like as well. The Wario & Waluigi one, Cosmic Chaos, and Neogandwatch's Mario & Luigi box arts featuring the Mario cast. They were the reason where I wanted to do the Mario & Luigi box art gimmick. And hey, if Mario + Rabbdis Kindom Battle worked so well, Nintendo could actually partner up with companies if they have a strong relationship.

So what happened was I wanted to do a simple Mario & Luigi box art with a bit of a fanmade concept, but at the same time, I wanted to draw Wallace & Gromit on the Mario & Luigi style. And thus, that's where I combined the Mario & Luigi box art idea with Wallace & Gromit together. As for the tagline, A Grand Day Out, to reference the first Wallace & Gromit film. That's where how my Mario & Luigi box art crossover started. I had plenty of ideas for Mario & Luigi box art crossovers in May which I'll show more on this thread.

Mario & Luigi: Richtofen's Grand Scheme

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After that Wallace & Gromit crossover idea, I started to do another one with a shooter franchise (Call of Duty) that's has a gamemode with Zombies, and yes I've known COD Zombies since the community has been around. I've been a COD Zombies fan since BO1, and now that the Aether story is finished, I thought to myself "hey, why not have Mario & Luigi team up with Ulitmis Richtofen to do his Grand Scheme since I have plenty of box art crossover ideas." That's where things got really funny with that idea and I actually wanted to flesh it out. This also leads to the Shroob from PiT within the mix as it has to be the Mario & Luigi universe. This one is pretty funny since Richtofen is the main antagonist in the Aether story but you can still play him in BO1, BO3 (Chronicles), and BO4. But before you ask, I will do the Primis version maybe in the future if there's time.

Mario & Luigi: Untitled Mayhem

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As finishing the COD Zombies crossover idea, I had the Untitled Goose Game idea around the game's release. Untitled Goose Game is a really fun game of playing a goose causing havoc around the town. That's where I had a Mario & Luigi idea where it's the Paper Jam trio concept until the Box Art idea fitted perfectly. By the way, the tagline was originally gonna be called "Starlow's Goose Friend" which was actually a placeholder when it comes to taglines. But poor Luigi, now having to deal with that goose stealing his hat.

Mario & Luigi: Craft World

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As a matter of fact, I really wished I had enough time since I had to get them finished per day in May. So Mario & Luigi: Craft World is a crossover with LittleBigPlanet. I loved LBP back in the PS3 days. Playing community levels, DLC level packs, Story mode, and the amazing Create Mode people still play. LBP was my childhood and Sackboy gives me pure nostalgia when I see him every time in fanart and games. I actually finished this on that week of May and took a break from doing the box arts which I wanted to relax for a whole doing them and around June, Sackboy: A Big Adventure was announced at Sony's PS5 event. That was where I wanted to do a more Western box art version of it which is more to the action feel. This one is my personal favorite since LBP2 was my all-time favorite game from the series.

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (5)

Mario & Luigi: Future DreamTown

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Now here's a fun fact on the Tamagotchi crossover idea: Originally, this was going to have Mametchi & Kutchipatchi with the Mario Bros., and the title for this was called "Mario & Luigi: Tamagotchi Friends" until the idea came up with the Tama twins who are exclusively in Japan. This was later merged with what you see here.

As I came back to do more in June, this Tamagotchi crossover was originally gonna have Mametchi and Kutchipatchi being the main characters until Clulutchi (left with Luigi) and Miraitchi (right with Mario) were perfect enough to fit in this crossover. I also have put Bowser Jr. and Toad within the mix and yes, Mametchi and Kutchipatchi did make the cut here.

As for its plot: "The Mario Bros has been jumping into some strange universes. Now they've jumped into the Tamagotchi universe (but in the future of DreamTown). The twins encounter the Mario Bros to work together whereas Bowser Jr. has stepped into a portal entering TamaTown. Meanwhile, Toad has also followed Bowser Jr. only to meet Mametchi's & Kutchipatchi to find the Mario Bros."

Now I have been knowing Tamagotchi in the early 2010s. Tamagotchi does have an anime that struggled to be outside of Japan, and I really wished the anime aired more episodes since it ended in 2015. Now Miraitchi & Clulutchi are my personal favorite from the Tamagotchi franchise and I really wished most Tamagotchi fans know about more Tamagotchis from the anime. Clulutchi gives me some Luigi vibs but she's the more serious twin and she does have aerophobia (which is fear of flying). Miraitchi on the other hand gives me Mario vibes as she's the chid-like who likes fun but she gets nervous when she is worried.

I have drawn this a few days ago, this is within the M&L style but as a redraw pose from the Partners in Time western box art version and some bonuses.

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (7)

The Toad Vs. Ludwig drawing was drawn back in June.

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (8)

Mario & Luigi: Ya Gotta Believe:

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (9)

Now this idea wasn't by me this time,in-fact I was contacted by the guy who made "Mario & Luigi: Crossover Collection" (…) page on the Fantendo wiki (I gave him permission to use my artwork.) He stated that there was a user who wanted a Parappa crossover to the Mario & Luigi series. Now I have drawn Parappa in the style before, but I wasn't expecting someone who wanted me to do the Parappa crossover with Mario & Luigi. Although I don't do requests, I was actually surprised to finish this for the user from the fantando wiki.

Now I knew Parappa from the anime than the game itself. And yes, I know who Parappa is lol. Really wished my Dad got the game on the PS store on the PS4 remaster since it's a rhythm button game.
Mario & Luigi: M&M Scrambles:

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (10)

Oh boy, this was where things kept getting wacky. The M&M's crossover idea was mainly inspired by M&M commercials being funny and I actually didn't know M&Ms had crossovers with Shreck and Star Wars before. The reason I called this one "M&M Scrambles" is that I sometimes think of the plot of Mario Bros. and the M&M Duo teaming up to find the six M&Ms that could grant them elements and stop the evil that are overpowering the M&M elements. Also, I saw some comments when I posted this on the Mario Reddit which one commenting "if it was real, it would've been the most disgusting marketing strategy and history and the greatest game ever made." and the other with the Bowser boss design with "Crispy Peanut Caramel" mixed into it.

Mario & Luigi: VeggieTale Story

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Now this VeggieTales crossover was hard ngl. It was going to be called "VeggieTale Theater" to reference the new VeggieTale series called "The VeggieTales Show". However, I was thinking about scrapping it sice this one was the hardest until I realize the word 'story' fitted within this crossover. You can see how Luigi feels about why he's seeing talking veggies with faces which adds to the humor. But I've been knowing VeggieTales in the past in my church when I was a kid. And VeggieTales did predict memes in modern-day culture.

Mario & Luigi: No Straight Roads

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (12)

I couldn't come up with the tagline since those are hard but this one is the last one for 2020. Now NSR is now an indie franchise I like the most. The characters and the music is where I got into this indie game. So this was worked on in November but I didn't make much progress due to school, until the 4th week of December where things ere sped up. This was also where I wanted to put the Elite Trio and Popple in the mix just for those story bits. Now here are those stories on the Mario & Luigi x No Straight Roads crossover:

The Main Story:
When Mario & Luigi goes into the sewers to enter New Donk City by Peach, they instead entered a completely different city with neon lights and music genres called Vinyl City. They entered Vinyl City and while they explore the musical city, they saw Mayday and Zuke on TV as they were in the audition before getting kicked out. After Mayday and Zuke got kicked out from the audition, they saw the Mario Bros. as Mayday complains about her consequences on NSR and how the power of rock can energize the city. It's now up to Mario & Luigi and Bunk Bed Junction teaming up to stop NSR by hijacking their concerts!

Elite Trio Melodies:
Meanwhile, the Elite Trio followed Mario & Luigi's footprints entering this neon musical city. They bond together to search for Bowser's comrades as most of Bowser's minions have entered Vinyl City. Well, the Elite Trio will sing about the Mario Bros. and Bowser with their melodies of lyrics.

Popple's Vinyl Gemstone:
While the Elite Trio sings about their adventures, Popple steps in to explore Vinyl City to steal the most treasured goodies this city has. But he'll sing about him being the mischievous thief from the Bean Kingdom! He heard Vinyl City has a secret gem that cost him millions. He'll need a partner to help him get through certain jewelry museums and reach his was to get the secret gem.

This was was the hardest in terms of layout the structure and fitting each NSR character on top. But at the time working on this, I was speed drawing this just to get it finished.

It makes me sad that AlphaDream is gone after their bankruptcy in October 2019. I'm really sad that most Mario & Luigi fans will have to wait for the next game if Nintendo plans to revive the series. If the Mario & Luigi series is done/finished, this makes me really sad for the series' future. As someone who got into the series since Dream Team (my first Mario & Luigi game), I would say they should've put SuperStar Saga DX on Switch which I would prefer as a better choice, but at the time, they were developed on the 3DS along with BiS Remake (when the 3DS was going to decline in 2019.) Plus Bowser's Inside Story remake sold really poorly (20,000 copies were sold), which I feared they are really hitting with financial issues around the studio. And on October 1, 2019, I was heartbroken about the news that Alpha Dream filed for bankrupt. That was a dark time for Mario & Luigi fans (including myself) when I first heard the news. But really, I'll still remember my time playing Dream Team during my younger days in 2013 when AlphaDream was still around. But I'll still miss AlphaDream to this day which sometimes make me sad hearing the name.

For a TL ; DR: These Mario & Luigi box art crossovers and funny, wacky, and silly. I had to put my efforts into gimmick the Box Art and will do more when my brain and creativity spices up.

You'll get more next year don't worry! That should be it since this one is the longest thread I have ever typed! Wonder what's your opinion on these crossovers and can't wait to see the respnces here!

Many Mario & Luigi crossover tales that are silly and wacky! (2024)


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