SackChat: Code Red @ The Wedge (2024)

“The Code Red II Swell brought some amazing waves to the wedge in Newport Beach. Check out Sackchat’s choice of B grade footy from the swell, whilst Evan McMillan, Scotty Plowden, and Lincoln Presley go to town on Newport Wedge, with moments with Tommy Glockner and Cory Bolter mixed in as well.”

As Sackchat is continuously stacking A grade clips for a big project towards the end of the year, the B grades will have to hold you over until then. Stay tuned for more updates in the future. Footage: Alex Perez and Jack West.

Supported by: 662 bodyboard shop, Science Bodyboards, The Versus Project, Gyroll by Mike Stewart, Ally Swimfins, Viper Fins, & Hubboards.

SackChat: Code Red @ The Wedge (2024)


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