Walmart Auto Center Prices [Full List] • Road Sumo (2024)

Walmart is a massive retailer but offers some simple auto repairs. In fact, with their auto service pricing, you are going to get great savings. So, how much do you expect to pay at Walmart auto center?

Walmart offers three main services. First, Walmart offers a tire change, and the average cost is around $12 per tire. Second, they also install car batteries, which are free of charge. Third, Walmart also offers oil and lube services, and the price ranges from $22 to $52, depending on the type of oil.

Read on to learn more about Walmart auto center services and a full list of prices.

Walmart Auto Center Price List

Walmart Auto Center Prices [Full List] • Road Sumo (1)

Walmart provides three main auto services:

  • Tire changing,
  • Battery installation, and
  • Oil and lube services.

But, they also offer other services. So, here is a brief overview of Walmart auto services:

  • Tire services
  • Battery services
  • Oil and lube services
  • Fuel system services
  • Engine maintenance services
  • Engine air filter installation
  • Windshield wiper replacement services
  • Headlight, brake light, and turn signal services, among others

A tire change typically costs about $12 for a basic tire installation package. If you go with $15, you will get additional packages like lifetime balance and rotation. Second, like many auto service centers, Walmart will also install car batteries for free.

As to their oil and lube services, the price ranges from $22.88 for pit crew oil to $52.88 for a synthetic oil change. As you can see, all of these basic repairs are set at reasonable pricing.

Moreover, finding a Walmart auto center should not be too difficult because Walmart has more than 2,500 Auto Care Centers countrywide. So, here is a full list of Walmart auto service prices:

Walmart Services and Price List

Walmart Auto ServicePrice
Pit Crew Oil Change$22.88
Standard Oil Change$32.88
High Mileage Oil Change$42.88
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change$42.88
Synthetic Oil Change$52.88
Basic Tire Installation Package$12.00
Value Tire Installation Package, including Road Hazard Protection$22.00
Lifetime Balance/Rotation$14.00
Road Hazard Protection$10.00
Valve Stem Installation$3.00
Flat Tire Repair (Tubeless)$15.00
Tire Mounting (Carry-In)$10.00
Tire Mounting (Specialty Tires)$10.00
Tire Rotation$2.50
Lug Nut Replacement$2.00
Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors$0.00
50 Mile Re-Torque$0.00
Battery Installation FREE$0.00
Battery Installation Non-Walmart Purchased$10.00
Battery Non-Corrosion Treatment$3.50
Battery Terminal End Replacement$5.00
Fuel System Service$20.00
Fuel System Service with Standard Oil Change$48.00
Fuel System Service with High Mileage Oil Change$58.00
Feature Wiper Blade & Installation (Per Blade)$10.00
Engine Air Filter Installation FREE – (Except Vans)$0.00
Cabin Air Filter Installation$10.00
Headlight Restoration (Per Vehicle)$25.00
Headlight Installation (Per Headlight)$7.50
Miniature Bulb Installation (Per Bulb)$5.00
Chassis Lubrication$4.50

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Walmart Tire Service Prices

The Walmart tire center is one of the many divisions of the Walmart retail business. It is probably known for one thing, and rightly so: affordability!

There is no doubt that Walmart tire center prices are unbeatable compared to most of its competitors:

1. Tire Rotation – $2.50 Per Tire

Most Walmart auto centers across the states will overall provide tire rotation services. Any Walmart shop will typically charge $2.50 per tire for this service, so $10 in total. However, mounting or tire installation is not included. You will be charged no more than $12 for each tire.

So, a set of four tires will cost $48.The expert tire technician at the shop will switch your car’s tires to the wheels of another vehicle.

If all you need is tire rotation, the job will take roughly 30 minutes or so to complete. The professional tire technician will also look at other tire-related issues and inform you about them if you require more repairs.

2. Tire Installation – $12 (Basic)

The basic tire installation at Walmart costs $12 per tire. Additional fees apply for other services and packages.

The “value tire installation package,” for instance, charges $25 per tire, whereas the basic tire installation package is $12 for each tire. The “lifetime balance and rotation package” costs no more than $14.

The full bundle will cost you no more than $15 if you buy your tires from Walmart. However, there will be an extra price of $10 per tire if you buy them elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can buy them at and install them at a Walmart Auto Care Center close to you.

You may pay extra fees when you do this online, but you will only be charged $15 when you bring them to a Walmart Auto Care Center. So, here’s how much it is going to cost you per package:

Walmart Value Tire Installation Package – $25

This is a more expensive option than the “basic” Walmart tire installation fee that we mentioned earlier. The package includes tire mounting, valve stems and TPMS services, lifetime balance, a rotation every 7,500 miles, and a lug re-torque every 50 miles.

But because a “road hazard protection” warranty is included, you will pay an extra $10 per tire. According to Walmart, this covers unexpected road hazards and tire maintenance. If you have just used up to 25% of the tread wear, it also offers a free replacement for non-repairable tires.

Walmart Lifetime Balance and Rotation Package – $14

Walmart will provide this service for every tire and have them balanced and then rotated every 7,500 miles. So, this package will cover the whole lifespan of the tires from the time you buy them. They will also make sure that your tires are properly aligned.

Walmart Valve Stem and TPMS Service Package – $3

The $3 is for installing valve stem covers and servicing your car’s TPMS. But, when you want to reset the tire pressure monitoring system, there will be an extra fee.

Resetting the tire pressure will make it easier for you to determine if the pressure in your tire is operating at its best or not in real time.

Walmart Flat Tire Repairs – $15

This covers only tires with a tubeless design. There is not an air tube within the tire itself in this setup, though. But, an airtight seal between the tire and the rim holds the air in place. Depending on the extent of the damage, a repair may be possible as opposed to a complete replacement.

Tire Mounting – $15 Per Tire or $10 Per Tire (Carry-in)

This fee is only for mounting the tires onto the wheel’s rim and then onto the car.

This does not include any add-on services we mentioned earlier in other Walmart packages.

Lug Nuts Replacement – $2

Your car’s tires stay secure in place because of lug nuts. Depending on their stress, these lug nuts may occasionally break or become worn out over time. It might also have vanished or fallen off while you were driving. So, Walmart auto center will get the job done for you:

Walmart Tire Service Price List

Basic Tire Installation $12 The package includes valve stems/TPMS and also tire mounting.
Value Tire Installation $25 The package includes lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles, tire mounting, a road hazard protection warranty, and a 50-mile lug re-torque. But, this is only the case when you buy the tires at Walmart auto center
Lifetime Balance & Rotation$14 The team of technicians at Walmart auto center will rotate and then balance any tire once it passes the 7,500 miles threshold
Valve Stem/TPMS Installation$3 Walmart auto center will install valve stems on your vehicle if it is not equipped with tire pressure. Keep in mind that if the TPMS needs to be reset, you will surely have to pay an extra fee
Flat Tire Repair (Tubeless)$15 This one only applies to tires with a tubeless design
Tire Mounting (Carry-in)$10 This package does not include any of the installation mentioned above benefits, such as balance and rotation or valve stems, for example
Tire Rotation$2.50You will get your tires rotated to a different location on your vehicle. But, this package does not include balancing or tire mounting
Lug Nut Replacement$2 It is to replace a broken or missing lug nut
Reset Tire Pressure Free per tireThe Walmart auto center team will reset the tire pressure monitoring system.

Again, how much does it cost to change car oil at Walmart? Walmart’s oil change price list is listed below:

  • Walmart Mileage Oil Change – $42.88
  • Walmart Standard Oil Change – $32.88
  • Walmart Semi-Synthetic Oil Change – $42.88
  • Walmart Full Synthetic Oil Change – $46.88

Walmart Battery Service Price

Walmart Auto Center Prices [Full List] • Road Sumo (2)

Changing a car battery used to be relatively simple, but modern cars require a little more effort to have the battery properly installed and fitted.

If you buy your car battery in-store, the Walmart auto care center will undoubtedly install it free of charge. Walmart would charge a $10 fitting fee if you bought it from another retailer.

Walmart Battery Service Price List

Battery TestingFree
Battery FittingFreeBut, installation is only free when you buy it at Walmart
Battery Fitting$10When you buy it somewhere else
Battery Terminal End Replacement$5This certainly does not include parts
Battery Anti-Corrosion Treatment$3.50The price is per battery

Walmart Car Battery Prices – How Much Are Walmart Batteries?

Walmart Oil and Lube Service Price

The type of oil you choose, along with other potential factors such as vehicle type, service purchases, current offers or pricing, special discounts, and more, will all affect the cost of having your oil changed at Walmart auto facilities.

But for the most part, all Walmart auto centers offer the same fundamental services and auto parts.

Walmart pit crew oil change costs as little as $22, while a full synthetic oil change costs about $52.

1. Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change – $22.88

Generally speaking, the most popular oil change at Walmart is the pit crew oil change. Pitcrew oil change includes the following services:

  • Five quarts of Quaker State Advanced DurabilityTM conventional motor oil (5W-20, 5W-30, or 10W-30),
  • A new oil filter,
  • Chassis lubrication (if necessary),
  • A battery performance check, and of course,
  • Any necessary tire pressure adjustments.

So, this package is incredibly affordable as all of this is just under $25.

Even though this is an essential service, it complies with industry standards, is a wonderful choice if you are on a budget, and is undoubtedly a way to maintain your car economically.

2. Walmart Standard Oil Change – $32.88

Walmart offers a standard oil change for under $35 that includes all of the services offered in the pit crew oil change in addition to 5 gallons of featured conventional oil.

Walmart Oil and Lube Service Price List

Pit Crew Oil Change$22.88Up to 5 quarts of conventional oil
Chassis lubrication, but only where applicable
New oil filter
Standard Oil Change$32.88It meets the top industry standards and also provides basic engine protection
High-mileage Oil Change$42.88It helps extend your engine life for the most part
Protects against most leaks and also oil burn-offs
Semi-synthetic Oil Change$42.88This one provides significantly better protection than the standard oil change
Synthetic Oil Change$52.88This package will surely provide the highest level of engine protection.

Walmart Fuel System Service Price

As a general rule of thumb, you should get the fuel injection system of your car serviced every few years or so or at least every 45,000 miles.

Although most mechanics will advise waiting until there are obvious indications of dirty injectors before doing a fuel injection service, we still recommend doing so just to guarantee a safer ride.

Depending on the type and make of the vehicle, the average cost of a fuel injection service at Walmart is just around $20, which is incredibly affordable when it costs anywhere between $50 and $80 in other auto centers.

The mechanic at Walmart may also suggest a fuel injector cleaning to keep your fuel system and engine in top condition. So, this kind of service involves flushing out the fuel system to eliminate any extra buildup.

If you do not get the fuel injector cleaned, the fuel injection system might not precisely inject the right amount of fuel into the engine when you press the gas.

Walmart Fuel System Service Price List

Fuel System Service$20Walmart auto center will perform a full cleaning of your vehicle’s fuel system
Fuel System Service Together with a Standard Oil Change$40This service includes cleaning the whole fuel system, and it also consists of an additional standard oil change
Fuel System Service That Includes High Mileage Oil Change$50This service includes cleaning your vehicle’s fuel system and also an additional high mileage oil change
Wiper Blade Installation$10 The price includes both the cost of bade itself and also installation. But, free installation is only available when you buy the blade at Walmart. Otherwise, you will surely have to pay an extra fee.

Walmart Engine Air Filter Installation Price

Changing an air filter is undoubtedly simple and quick for most people. Whether you do it yourself or take it to the store, it won’t cost you much. You can often have it done while getting your oil changed.

Whether you hire a mechanic or do it yourself, replacing an engine air filter usually costs between $20 and $85.

At Walmart, however, you can still get it free of charge.

Walmart Headlight Restoration Price

Most car headlights usually have plastic glass as protection or support. Over time, these headlight lenses deteriorate and become opaque and hazy, substantially reducing the quality of light that reaches the road.

Until recently, the only fix for this issue involved spending at least $600.00 to replace the auto headlamp lens assembly! But you do not need to. The cheapest solution to the issue is headlight restoration, and you can surely get it all done at Walmart.

A headlight restoration at Walmart auto center costs no more than $25 per vehicle. But, the cost for a new headlight installation at Walmart is $7.50 per light, which does not include parts.

Walmart Headlight Restoration Price List

Headlight Restoration $25.00
Headlight Installation $7.50
Miniature Bulb Installation $5.00

Walmart Taillight Price

Walmart Does Taillight Replacement

The Walmart auto care center facilities do replace taillights, and the cost to replace a taillight is no more than $7.50. The replacement bulb is undoubtedly not included here. Moreover, brake and indicator bulb replacement services are regrettably not provided by Walmart auto care centers.

Certain Walmart centers will have tiny bulbs for the door and cab lights fitted within the car.

Does Not Offer Brake-related Services

Sadly, Walmart auto care centers do not offer brake-related services, such as brake pads, sensors, and fluids maintenance.

While Walmart does not provide brake light installation, they sell brake light bulbs that you may buy and install yourself, costing around $10.

Likewise, you can also go to your neighborhood mechanic or repair shop, which can change the brake light for you. However, the price range is between $50 and $100.

What About Turn Signal Bulbs?

Meanwhile, the auto care center at Walmart regrettably does not change turn signal bulbs for any make or model of vehicle.

You can still drive to Walmart to get replacement bulbs and do the surprisingly simple installation yourself if the indicator lamps on your car have burned out.

You can also visit your nearby auto electrician, who will be able to replace the turn signal bulb for you if you prefer a hands-off approach.

Furthermore, depending on the bulb type and the automobile model, replacing the turn signal bulb can range from $30 to $100.

Walmart Backup Camera Installation and Repair Price

Walmart Auto Center Prices [Full List] • Road Sumo (3)

Walmart Sells Various Backup Cameras

Since Walmart sells various backup cameras, their experts at certain locations are available to install them in your car. You will almost certainly find the one you are looking for that fits your car, given the amazing variety that Walmart offers.

The backup camera can, of course, be installed by yourself. Although many people can handle the technical parts, there are some drawbacks to performing the task.

Has a Mechanism to Install Backup Camera Brands the Store Sell

Walmart has a mechanism to install backup camera brands sold in their store when you buy one from them.

Much like your car stereo, a backup camera is also powered by the batteries in your car. The camera and monitor are available from Walmart, but InstallerNet, a third party, performs the installation.

Wallmart Backup Camera Installation Process

You will get an email with an installation number and instructions on setting up an appointment to have your camera installed if you use the InstallerNet Car Backup Camera Installation Service.

You will, of course, be able to choose the time slot most convenient for you to install the backup camera. Other details will also be included in the email you receive.

The installation technician will install both the monitor and the backup camera. They will run wires through your car to power and link the camera and monitor. So, to ensure the cables are correctly placed, they will be routed throughout the car and checked twice.

Backup Camera Installation Cost

The average cost of installing a backup camera is around $139.99, according to the Walmart website. It is, of course, possible for the pricing to change. Moreover, you may be eligible for great deals and discounts when buying the backup camera at Walmart rather than in other centers.

Remember that you do not need to pay InstallerNet individually because Walmart pays them for the service they offer.

Conclusion – Walmart Auto Care Center Prices

So, we have seen that Walmart focuses on three auto services: tire changing, battery installation, and oil and lube services.

A standard tire installation package at Walmart will only cost you $12, while the value tire installation package costs $25. As to their oil and lube services, Walmart auto care center charges $22.88 for pit crew oil, whereas it is $52.88 for a full synthetic oil change.

Other services include fuel injection ($20), headlight restoration ($25), and also Engine air filter installation (free of charge).

Walmart auto care centers also offer a service to install headlights and taillight bulbs for you and replace them for as little as $7.5. However, you cannot bring your vehicle to Walmart to change the brake or indication bulbs.

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Walmart Auto Center Prices [Full List] • Road Sumo (2024)


Does Walmart charge extra to mount tires? ›

Tire installation FAQ

Mounting: Receive free tire installation with purchase of Walmart tires. Installation includes mounting & tire inflation. Additional charge applies for tire balancing, service packs & road hazard.

What does Walmart do for your car? ›

WHAT AUTO SERVICE DOES WALMART OFFER? Walmart auto service centers offer a variety of car repair and maintenance services. The list is long as they offer complete engine repair, headlights installation, comprehensive cabin air filter installation, and oil and lube services at very reasonable rates.

Does Walmart do alignment with new tires near me? ›

I googled it for you Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services as of 2022. Customers can instead visit stores like Mr. Tire, Big O Tires, Goodyear, Tire Discounters, and others to get their wheels aligned for $50-$100.

How much does Walmart charge to mount and balance one tire? ›

Does Walmart offer free tire installation? No they do not. They do a complete package of installation, life time balancing balancing, old tire removal, and resetting the air pressure monitor for about $14 a tire. For a few dollars more they will add a 4 year limited prorated road hazard warranty.

How much does it cost to mount and balance 4 tires? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Mount and Balance Tires? On average, expect to spend $15 to $60 to mount and balance each tire. The lower end tends to be for smaller tires—typically on cars—and steel wheels. On the higher end, you are looking at larger wheels or low-profile tires, which are harder to work on.

Does Walmart change engine air filters? ›

Air filter installation

Except vans. Available on Walmart purchase only.

Does Walmart change rotors? ›

Walmart doesn't do brake jobs. They'll change your oil, your filters, or your tires, and will install wipers. That's it.

Can a Walmart employee follow you to your car? ›

Employees might follow someone if they believe there's a potential for shoplifting or other policy violations. It is within the store's rights to monitor their premises, but such actions should be nondiscriminatory and based on observable behaviors, not on assumptions.

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Basic Tire Installation Package

$18 per tire if purchased at Walmart (additional $11 per tire if purchased elsewhere): Tire mounting. Valve stems/TPMS service pack. Lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles.

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Mounting Your Tires

Mounting is when the technician puts the tires on the wheels and installs the wheels onto the vehicle's axles. Using a machine is the easiest and the quickest way to mount your tires, which is usually used at tire shops and dealerships.

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The Reliant is Goodyear's Walmart-exclusive brand of all-season tire.

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Frequently Asked Questions. What types of Walmart+ plans are available? Monthly: $12.95/month. Annual: $98/year.


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