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When Luigi met Daisy



What if Princess Daisy was in the 2023 Super Mario Bros. Movie?

While being held prisoner in Bowser's lava dungeon, he meets Princess Daisy, a tomboyish princess whom he falls in love with.


  • For J3rs3yG1rl, AnimeGameFanatic2022.

I still cannot believe Daisy didn't make the cut in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. I made this 'What-if' story about Daisy being in the movie. And she becomes Luigi's love interest.

Chapter 1: Love at First Sight

Chapter Text

After being interrogated by Bowser, King of the Koopas, Luigi was sent to the lava dungeon where he awaits an uncertain fate. Recovering from his fall, he sees that he is in a cage hung over lava.

Luigi looks around and he sees a plethora of other cages, and most of those cages are filled with penguins. That didn’t bother him a bit, compared to the boiling pit of lava below him.

Luigi whimpered at the sight of the lava. “Where am I?” He asked.

Luigi gasped when he heard a child giggling. He turned to see that the child was actually a glowing blue star.

“Home!” Responded the star after it stopped giggling.

Luigi stared at the star in confusion. He wondered if it is a figment of his imagination because stars can’t talk. But, then again, monsters like the Shy Guys or Bowser shouldn’t have existed, but they do, so he has to come to terms that this talking star is no figment of imagination.

“Pay him no heed,” said a voice. Luigi turned to see that the voice came from a penguin wearing a crown, which made the green plumber believe that he is the king of this penguin race. “He’s cute, but he’s also…” He whistled as if to say that the star is a nutjob.

“In an insane world, it is the sane who is called crazy,” replied the star.

“Not in my vocabulary!” Cried out a woman who sounded tomboyish.

Luigi turned to find the source of the female voice and it came from a woman wearing a yellow and orange dress. The woman is also a short-haired brunette. The moment he locks eyes with the girl, he is instantly smitten.

“Like the Penguin King said,” the woman said to Luigi, not really paying attention to his face. “Pay Lumalee no heed.” The woman finally looked at Luigi and she gasped in amazement. She, too, has been smitten with the green plumber. “Oh, hello, handsome. My name is Daisy, Princess of the Sarasaland Kingdom. What’s yours?”

“Ummmm…” Luigi began, blushingly. He is so smitten with this girl, he is at a loss of words. “My name is Luigi.”

“Luigi, huh?” Daisy replied in her tomboyish accent. “That’s a pretty neat name. I assume that your a human from Earth?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Luigi replied.

“You’re a human?” Asked the Penguin King, who seemed skeptical. “How did you find your way here? I could’ve sworn Toadsworth sealed the pipe away at Earth.”

“Who’s Toadswsorth?”

“He’s the advisor to Princess Peach and the leader of his people, the Toads,” Daisy replied. “He sealed the pipe away because he feared that humans are dangerous to be meddling with. But something tells me that you are no danger of any sort.”

“No, I’m not,” Luigi confirmed. “I’m just a plumber who got lost from my brother, Mario.”

“Oh, you have a brother?!” Daisy gasped. “You’re so lucky! I’m an only child.”

There was a short pause before Luigi broke it. “How long have you guys been in here?”

“Time, like reality, is an illusion…” Lumalee replied

“Oh, God, enough, Lumalee!!” Shrieked Daisy in frustration.

“Yeah!” Followed the Penguin King. “We’re depressed enough as it is!”

Daisy sighed as she looked back at Luigi. “Not long,” she answered. “I was kidnapped weeks ago because I am a threat to Bowser. One time I slapped him to another land because he wouldn’t stop bothering Peach.”

“Who is this Peach?” Luigi asked. “Is she like you?”

“Mmm-Hmm!” Daisy hummed in affirmation. “She’s my BFF! She is exactly like me, but she’s a blonde and she wears a pink dress. Pink is her favorite color, as mine is a mixture of yellow and orange.”

“I see,” Luigi replied. “Wait a minute… So, Bowser wants to marry this Peach?” Daisy nodded. “Ewww! A turtle and a human?! That’s disgusting!”

“Ugh! Tell me about it!” Daisy agreed.

“Absolutely!” The Penguin King also agreed.

After another few seconds of pause, Daisy kept going with her conversation with Luigi. “So, what’s your story?”

“I was separated from my brother while we were fixing a pipe in my world,” Luigi answered. “I hope I can see him again. He probably would’ve known what to do in this situation. He was always the guy taking charge while I, being shy and scared, did nothing but watch him.”

“Awww,” Daisy reacted with sweet sadness. “That’s so sad. Well, if you ask me, I think you need to step up a notch. I’ll tell you what… If you step up and do something heroic for a change…” She, then, started talking seductively. “...I;ll go on a date with you.”

Daisy’s bargain made Luigi perk up a bit. “Okay, you got a deal.” He proceeded to shake Daisy’s hand which is covered in a short white glove. He, then, looked around the dungeon. “There’s gotta be a way out of here.”

“There is no escape,” Lumalee replied suddenly. “The only hope… is the sweet relief of death.”

Everyone, except Luigi, groaned in total frustration. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” The Penguin King exhaled in fury.

“Ugh! This annoying star!” Daisy followed. She, then, turned back to Luigi. “Then again, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do at this point. In case you’ve already forgotten, there’s a boiling lake of lava below our feet and our cages are locked tight.”

Luigi looked crestfallen. “I see.”

“But, don’t you worry,” Daisy responded with confidence. “I don’t think we are going to perish just yet. Knowing my BFF, she’s probably coming up with a plan to finally defeat Bowser and save us all.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so,” Daisy replied. “Peach is like me. At camp, we were a team, we kicked butt and stuff. Why, she even went through a dangerous obstacle course and beat it right away. It took me two tries to beat that obstacle course.”

“Wow!” Luigi reacted in amazement. “You two are amazing! I’m so jealous!”

Daisy giggled. “Don’t worry, Luigi. I;m sure you’ll find your time to shine. You just need to find it. That’s all.”

“Thanks, Daisy,” Replied Luigi. He, then, gasped as he realized Daisy is a princess. “I mean… Your Grace.”

Daisy giggled. “You don’t have to be formal. You’re my friend. And friends call me Daisy. What do friends call you, Luigi?”

“I don’t have many friends,” Luigi replied, “but my brother calls me Lu.”

“Lu, huh?” Daisy repeated the nickname. “Hey, I’ver got it! I’ll call you… ‘LuLu! What do you think?!”

“Oh!” Luigi gasped. He had never received such a sweet pet name by a beautiful girl before. “I love it!”

Luigi and Daisy laughed together. Their bond is growing every second. In fact, there is a strong chance that the friendship will evolve into something romantic.

Chapter 2: The News of his Brother

Chapter Text

It has been 24 hours since Luigi is trapped in the lava dungeon with Daisy, Lumalee and the penguins.

Since their first meeting, Luigi and Daisy talked to each other about different things. Right now Daisy wanted to know about where the green plumber came from.

“Tell me about your world, LuLu.”

“You mean Brooklyn?” Luigi asked and Daisy answered with a nod. “It’s full of people like me, to tell you the truth. Like the people in your kingdom, my people work daily for a living. Me and my brother, for example, do plumbing. We fix pipes, tubs and toilets and we get paid for it.”

“Do you love your job?” Daisy asked.

Luigi nodded. “It’s a dream job me and Mario always wanted to do. Only problem is that not everyone was on board with it. There are some in my family that heckle us a lot about it. My mother thought we were doing good, but my father…”

Luigi sighed as he remembered the last time he and Mario were with their father. He called Mario crazy for abandoning a steady job for a crazy dream.

“My father never approved our choice to follow our dream,” Luigi continued. “He called my brother crazy and he told him that the worst part of it was that… he had to bring me down with him.”

Daisy gasped. “That’s horrible!”

“I know,” Luigi quickly replied. “I chastised him for it and went to comfort my brother. I told him that he’s not bringing me down.” He sighed. “I wish he was here right now.”

Daisy stared at Luigi for a moment before she decided to share a secret. “I have an overbearing father myself, LuLu.”

“You do?”

Daisy nodded her head. “Yep. While I was growing up, he was always buttering me up to become the perfect princess and marry a prince to secure his legacy. We’ll, I don’t want to do that. If I were to marry, I want it to be for love, not duty.”

Luigi stared at Daisy, touched with her story. “Huh, he said. “There’s this saying: ‘Love is the death of duty’.”

Daisy giggled. “That’s a nice saying there, LuLu.”

Suddenly, more prisoners were thrown down from the outside of the dungeon. Inside the steel cells are monkey-like creatures known as the Kongs.

Daisy recognized one of the Kongs, who was wearing a crown on his head. “King Cranky?!”

The Kong turned to Daisy. “Daisy?! What are you doing here?!”

“Bowser kidnapped me to prevent me from interfering with Bowser’s plans to marry Peach,’ Daisy answered. “Why’d he bring you here?”

“Princess Peach wanted us to help her in her battle against him, but we were ambushed on our way to the Mushroom Kingdom from Rainbow Road.”

“Ooooh!” Lumalee suddenly chimed in. “More meat for the grinder.”

“Who’s this ray of sunshine?” Asked Cranky.

“There is no sunshine,” Lumalee answered. “Only darkness.”

“Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!” Screamed the Penguin King frustratedly.

Cranky suddenly looked at Luigi, and he stared at him as if he almost recognized. “You,” he said to the green plumber. “You look like your brother.”

Luigi gasped. “You’ve seen my brother?!”

“I did,” Cranky answered. “He was a really brave and stubborn guy, that Mario. He–”

“Wait,” Luigi suddenly interjected. “Wait, what do you mean, ‘was’?”

“Ummm…” Cranky hesitated. “I don’t know how to say this, kid, but–”

Cranky was suddenly interjected by the appearance of Kamek. He is flying on his broomstick.

“Hello, prisoners,” he announced himself to the individuals trapped in their steel cells. “You don’t deserve this, but you are all cordially invited for the royal wedding of Bowser and Princess Peach!”

“Yaaay!” Cried a penguin.

“Shut up!” Daisy screamed at the penguin, and then she turned to Kamek. “In your dreams, MagiKoopa! Peach would never marry that monster.”

“Oh, yeah, woman?” Kamek replied threateningly. “Well, I’m happy to tell you that Bowser was able to convince her by threatening to harm her Toads if she didn’t cooperate.”

“What?!” Daisy shrieked.

“That’s right!” Kamek confirmed it to Daisy and then he addressed the rest of the prisoners. “Enjoy your final moments, because at the wedding, you will all be ritualistically sacrificed!”

Everyone stared at Kamek wide-eyed. Seconds later they all began clamoring in fear and alarm.

Kamek laughed evilly at the clamoring, and then he turned to Luigi. “Hey, you. I have some big news for you. You know your brother?” Luigi nodded his head. “He’s dead!”

Luigi widened his eyes at the sudden news. He is rendered speechless.

“Yes,” Kamek continued. “He plummeted down the long dive into the cold water where he will drown with no help. Boo-hoo-hoo!”

Kamek, then, laughed evilly and then he used his magic to disappear. Luigi, after a few seconds of pause, began to have an emotional breakdown.

“NOOOOOO!!!” Luigi screamed uncontrollably. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Daisy watched Luigi’s meltdown and began to plead with her new friend. “Hey, Luigi! Luigi! Please, don’t give up on me! Please!”

"What's the point, Daisy?!" Luigi cried. "He's gone! My brother is gone! Even if I were rescued, what am I going to tell my family?! I can't show my face at my home without Mario!" He continued bawling again.

Daisy desperate tried to plea with the green plumber, but the pleas are, unfortunately, futile as Luigi continues sobbing uncontrollably. He just lost his brother, and now he is about to die. He is sad that he’ll neither be reunited with his brother, or his family in Brooklyn ever again.

Chapter 3: Escaping from the Lava

Chapter Text

All of the cells have been moved in front of a wedding chapel where Bowser is finally set to marry Peach. Luigi laid down in his cell with his teary eyes closed. He is still moping about his brother’s alleged death.

Daisy watched Luigi helplessly. She had tried to snap him out of it, but to no avail. She just wished that she could do something to help her new friend and crush.

“LuLu, I—“ Daisy began nervously. “I’m really sorry about your brother. Truly.”

Luigi said nothing, nor did he look at the Sarasaland princess. He sniffed a bit and then he did nothing.

“I’ll never know what it is like to lose a sibling because I am an only child,” Daisy continued. “But I want you to know that you are never alone. You never will be, because I want to be with you.”

Luigi opened his eyes and he looked at Daisy. “You do?” He asked, and Daisy nodded her head. “You and I just met, Daisy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would love to hang around you a lot and—“

“Luigi, I want to hang around with you, too,” Daisy interjected. “And I want to do more with you… but I can’t do that if you’re willing to die in depression.”

Luigi looked down at the lava pool just as the cells finally stopped in front of the chapel. He, Daisy and the other prisoners look at the chapel and they see Bowser with Peach in a wedding dress.

Luigi and Daisy perked up their ears to listen to what was happening over there. Right now, they can hear Bowser talking.

“I’m about to sacrifice them in your honor,” Bowser’s small voice was being said to Peach and then he glanced at the cells. “LOWER THE PRISONERS!!!”

Tells are starting to be lowered into the lava. Luigi and the other prisoners started whimpering. Only Daisy remained calm.

“PEACH!!!” The Sarasaland princess yelled out loudly. “DO SOMETHING!!!”

Meanwhile at the altar, Peach heard Daisy’s cries, and she looked at Kamek, who opened up a religious book. He was about to officiate the wedding.

“Dearly beloved—“


Peach punched Kamek in the face just as he was about to officiate the wedding. This made Bowser look at Peach in both shock and a bit of outrage.

Draaama!” One of Bowser’s goons said. The goon is a Skeleton Koopa.

“Did you really think I’d EVER marry you?!” Peach asked in disgust.

Bowser looked at her, stunned and hurt in the process. “Kinda?”

“I’d NEVER…” Peach began as she fished out an ice flower from her bridal bouquet. “…marry a monster!” She clapped her hands together on the ice flower and her bridal gown turned ice blue.

Daisy watched the whole thing from afar, and cheered. “ALL RIGHT!!! WAY TO GO, PEACHES!!! KICK HIS FRIGGIN TAIL!!!”

Bowser’s once sad face is now a face of livid outrage. “Then you and I are breaking up! RIGHT NOW!!!”

A battle ensued as Peach used henewly ice powers to freeze both Bowser and the chains that are lowering the prisoners to the lava. She then started battling the other enemies.

With Peach fighting the enemies, Daisy found an opportunity to try to save herself and Luigi and the other prisoners. “This is our chance to escape everyone,” she said. “Just give me a chance to do something about this cell.”

“You’re wasting your time, Princess Daisy,” Cranky Kong said. “These steel doors are really tough. It’s going to take more than—“

Cranky’s sentence was interrupted by a loud “Hi-Yah!”. Daisy punched her fist through the steel door and Daisy is freed.

“NEVER… underestimate the strength of the Tomboy Princess of Sarasaland!” Daisy chanted triumphantly.

Daisy, then, started to do something that shocked everyone else, including Luigi. She tore off the skirt of her dress, revealing a skintight pair of orange shorts.

The Penguin King softly performed a wolf whistle, and so did Cranky Kong. They were lucky Daisy didn’t hear them, otherwise, she would’ve pulverized them.

“Luigi!” Daisy called out to the green plumber. “Catch!” She threw the torn skirt at Luigi and he caught it. “Tie it around a bar, so I can pull you toward me and we can escape together.”

“Why bother?” Lumalee voiced itself. “Don’t you see that death is the only gateway to paradise?”

“SHUT UP!!!” Everybody shouted. Even Luigi is getting fed up with the star’s nonsense.

“Pushy people…” Lumalee muttered and it lied down.

As Luigi tied the skirt around the bar, Daisy pulled her cage toward Luigi’s, and then she tied her end around one of her bars.

“Okay, LuLu,” Daisy announced, “now I need you to stand back because I am going to jump to you.”

And that’s what she did. She leapt to Luigi’s cage, and using her monster strength, she ripped the cell door open and Luigi is free.

Inspired by Daisy’s bravery, everyone else tried to break free from their cells. The people that had the most luck were the Kongs because their strength is as powerful as Daisy’s.

When some of the Kongs got free, they leapt toward the penguin cages and they set them free, as well.

“Come on, LuLu,” Daisy said to her crush. “Let’s climb up this chain and we can escape.” She’s about to climb when she notices Luigi looking at the lava pool in fright. She cupped his chin with her gloved hand and made him look at her. “Do not worry. I got you. Now, come on.”

Luigi nodded his head, feeling better, and he proceeded to follow Daisy up the chain and on the way to freedom. Even though he lost his brother, he at least gained a girlfriend who is currently looking out for him. He just wished that he can one day repay her.

Just as they are halfway to freedom, however, the chains started moving because the ice on the crank machine melted and the cells started going down again. The jerking of the chains made both Daisy and Luigi let go and they plummeted down to the cells where Daisy grabbed both Luigi and a cell to prevent them from falling to their deaths.

The lava is getting closer and closer to the two. Daisy is starting to panic. She doesn’t know what to do.

“Wheee!” Exclaimed Lumalee happily, and it started giggling.

As the lava was about to reach Luigi’s feet, he closed his eyes, bracing himself for impact. Suddenly the chains stopped. The prisoners have been saved.

“Boo…” groaned Lumalee in disappointment.

The reason the chains stopped was because a big Kong known as Donkey Kong was able to stop them with his hands, and with his monster strength, he started pulling back the chains, getting the prisoners to safety.

Daisy, however, couldn’t hold on any longer and she slipped, causing her and Luigi to, once again, plummet to the lava pool. They screamed, and they closed their eyes, bracing themselves for impact.

Suddenly, something flew out of nowhere in the speed of light and it grabbed both Luigi and Daisy. They opened their eyes to see a man wearing a raccoon costume.

“Hey, Lu!” Cried the man.

“MARIOOOOOO!!!” Gasped Luigi, and he screamed in jubilantly.

Daisy felt tears streaming in her eyes. Not only she is saved from certain death, but she is happy that Luigi’s brother is not dead after all.

Mario flew the two up to safety, and the brothers immediately hugged each other very tightly. Daisy watched them in tears.

“Oh, Mario, I thought you were dead!” Luigi cried.

“Not by a long shot, little brother,” replied Mario. “As long as we’re together, everything is going to be okay.”

The brothers hugged for a couple of more moments before separating from each other. Luigi looked at his brother and then started fiddling with his costume.

“Mario, why do you look like a bear?! What is this?!”

Chapter 4: The Bomber Bill


This is a short chapter, but I’ll try to make the next one longer. Here’s the part where Bomber Bill threatened the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter Text

“Mario, why do you look like a bear?! What is this?!”

That was what Luigi was asking his brother while he was studying his costume. Daisy approached the brothers.

“That is a Tanooki suit,” she explained to Luigi. It is a power-up you can use to enhance your prowess.”

“Yeah, Lu,” Mario added. “Eating a red mushroom can make you big and touching an orange flower can give you fire powers.”

“Ohhh!” Luigi reacted as if he understands now.

“Now, then,” Mario began as he glanced at the Sarasaland Princess, “who’s your pretty friend there?”

“Oh, that’s Daisy,” Luigi answered. “She’s the princess of Sarasaland, a desert kingdom.”

“Pleasure to meet ya, Mario,” Daisy greeted in her tomboyish accent. She, then, shook hands with Mario like crazy.


Mario turned to see Toad running up to him. The red plumber is happy to see him, too.

“Toad!” Mario cried out. “You’re okay! Wait, where’s—“


Mario turned around to see Princess Peach running up to him. He is both relieved to see her well, and amazed at how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress.

“Princess!” Mario returned. “Wow, you look beautiful!”

Peach got down on her knees and she wrapped her arms tightly around the plumber in the Tanooki suit. She started crying.

“I thought I lost you!” Peach cried. “Oh, Mario, I thought you were dead!”

“I thought I was dead, too,” Mario admitted. “But, I’m not!”

The two giggled as they separated from each other. Peach giggled more as she messed with her friend’s Tanooki hood playfully.

“Mario, about your invitation to Brooklyn,” Peach began, “I decided to take up that offer. Once I’ve clean everything up, I’ll come to Brooklyn with you and see it.”

“As will I,” Daisy added. “I always wanted to see the human world.”

Everybody laughed. Peach and Mario gazed each other, and they locked their hands together, preparing for a kiss.

Before the two can lock their lips, however, an explosion occurred near them. The entire group, Donkey Kong, Toad, Daisy, Luigi, Peach and Mario turned to see that Bowser has freed his head from the ice.

Bowser looks mighty mad as the dickens. “LAUNCH THE BOMBER BILL AND DESTROY THE MUSHROOM KINGDOOOOM!!!”

“Bomber Bill?” Mario repeated questioningly.

Suddenly, the ground of the wedding chapel began to shake. The group turned to face Bowser’s volcano on top of his lair, and they spotted something being shot out of it.

What they saw is a bullet with eyes and teeth that resembles ones that belong to a shark. It went high up into the sky and then it started to plummet down to Peach’s castle.

“NO!” Peach squealed in horror. “My home!”

“Don’t worry,” Mario said bravely. “I’ll stop it!”

“Mario, no—“ Luigi intended to stop his brother, but he was too late.

Mario used the Tanooki suit’s ability to fly off after the Bomber Bill. Everybody else watched with intense anxiety.

“Can he stop that thing in time?” Daisy asked with worry.

“I hope so! That castle, and my Toads are all I have!” Peach replied panicking.

“He’ll do it,” Luigi said with confidence, making everyone else look at him. “I know my brother; he’ll put a stop to this.”

Minutes later, the group watched as the Bomber Bill suddenly stopped just before it could touch the top of the castle’s highest tower. Everyone sighed in total relief.

“Whew!” Peach sighed in relief. “That was close!”

“I’ll say!” Daisy added.

“I can’t believe that guy actually did it,” Donkey Kong chimed in.

The group watched as Bomber Bill started chasing something. Luigi gasped.

“Uh-oh! Something tells me that that bullet is chasing my brother!”

“He better not die on us,” Donkey Kong (DK) said. He owed me a rematch of Smash!”

“Smash?” Luigi repeated.

It’s a fighting event where individuals fight each other either to death or until one admits defeat,” Daisy answered.

“My brother beat you at such an event?!” Luigi asked DK after Daisy explained what Smash is.

“Technically,” DK began to reply, “I let him win!”

“Yeah, right,” Toad replied. “Mario wiped the floor with you with that cat power-up!”

“Guys, enough!” Peach shouted, putting a stop to the chatter. “Something’s happening over at the Mushroom Forest.

That was where a colorful explosion occurred, one that shook the whole kingdom. Then, suddenly everybody and everything started getting sucked to the forest; to the warp pipe.

Apparently, Mario led the Bomber Bill to the warp pipe where he came from to defeat it, but the explosion on the other side caused the pipe to react. And now it is because of that reaction that everything within a large radius was being sucked into the pipe, including the heroes, the villains and Bowser’s whole fortress.

Chapter 5: Return to Brooklyn


The Final battle in Brooklyn is going to be much different than the one in the movie. Also… just so you guys know, I’m focusing this story on Luigi. He didn’t get enough screen time in the real movie, so I’m spicing things up for him. Enjoy!

Chapter Text

It didn’t take long for Mario, Luigi and the heroes to reach the other side of the pipe and crashed through a manhole cover and land on the sidewalks of Brooklyn.

The whole group took time to recover, and when they did, they immediately checked their surroundings. Mario and Luigi instantly recognized the surroundings.

“Brooklyn?” Mario asked in confusion.

“Mario, we’re home!” Luigi cried in joy.

“So this is your home?” Daisy asked. “It’s so…”

“Small compared to kingdoms, yeah, I know,” Luigi answered, feeling embarrassed.

Mario ignored Luigi and Daisy’s conversation and started to walk into the street. Suddenly, a truck almost ran into the red-cladded plumber.

“Mario?!” Cried a man’s voice. Mario and Luigi turned to see their former boss, Forman Spike, pop out of his window, and then he got out of the car to grab Mario by the collar. “You almost dented my fender, Mario! Now, where have you and Luigi been?! Your family’s been looking for you for a few days! I know because they called me twice and—“

Spike suddenly stopped his ranting as he noticed Peach and Daisy. He collected his cool, and began talking suavely to the princesses.

“Hello there, ladies. Care to let a man show you around and—“

“Buzz off, Muscles!” Screamed Daisy, not wanting to get herself swooned by some big man. “There’s only one person I have feelings for,” she continued as she wrapped an arm around Luigi’s shoulder, and that man is—“

Daisy is suddenly interrupted by the sudden explosion coming from the nearby sewer. Bowser’s castle suddenly popped out of the street and it is starting to come down to the ground, much to the shock and fright of the group.

“Uh-oh,” said Toad.

Several debris started landing near the group. This was enough to make Forman Spike run away screaming like a little girl.

“RUUUN!!!” Peach screamed, and she and the others started to run away.

Despite their best efforts to run away from the castle as quickly as they can, they could not outrun the sonic boom that came as soon as the castle hit the pavement. The group was sent flying in different directions; Mario was sent to one spot all by himself, Peach, Toad and DK was sent to a spot and they almost got buried in debris and Luigi and Daisy was sent to an alleyway and Daisy banged her head against the wall.

Luigi recovered and gasped as he saw that Daisy is not conscious, and her head is slightly bleeding. “Daisy!” He cried as he crawled to her.

Luigi started stroking Daisy’s head, trying to wake her up. “Daisy?” He voiced out.

Daisy groaned and slowly opened her eyes. Luigi gasped.

“Daisy! Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure,” Daisy answered truthfully. “My head hurts.”

“Don’t worry,” Luigi said calmly to the desert princess. “I’ll take good care of you.”

To prove his words, Luigi fished out his hankie and he used it to clean the blood off of her head. While he did that, Daisy stared at the green-cladded plumber lovingly.

“Oh, Luigi,” Daisy said lovingly. “My hero…”

Luigi stared at Daisy’s smiling face and he smiled, too. Moments later, the two attempted to lock their lips together.


Bowser’s loud voice interrupted Luigi and Daisy’s romantic moment and Luigi crawled, carrying Daisy with him. The two peeked out of the alleyway and the saw Mario trying to grab the Super Star.

Suddenly, Bowser got between Mario and the Star. He, then, glared down at the red plumber menacingly.

“YOU WANT THIS?!” Bowser screamed and he picked him up and growled at him ferociously, startling Mario.

The Koopa King punched Mario in the face, sending him flying to a car and tried to fry him with his flames, but Mario dodged it. Bowser then started walking up to the limping Mario.


And with that Bowser started rampaging on Mario, throwing him about, tossing and turning. The Koopa King then sent the plumber flying into the Punch-Out Pizzeria with his tail.

Luigi watched in horror as his brother crashed through the window of the pizzeria. He wished there was something he could do, but he’s too scared to stand up to the crazy turtle.

“Luigi…” Daisy softly voiced out, getting Luigi’s attention. “You have to save your brother.”

“How?!” Luigi asked frantically. “I have no strength! I am not a fighter!”

“No…” Daisy softly admitted. “But you can make a difference in this fight.”

Luigi looked at Daisy and then he glanced at the battle. He can hear Bowser’s loud ranting.

“You really thought you can stop me?!” Bowser ranted at Mario, who is now hiding in the pizzeria. “You worthless, weak, little nothing! COME OUT AND FIGHT!!! Or are you too SCARED?!” There was no response from Mario. “Just what I thought” Bowser said coldly after he chuckled.

Bowser was about to set the restaurant on fire when Peach suddenly kicked him in the face. “You leave him alone!” She angrily demanded.

DK punched Bowser away from the group. “Yeah, Slime Bucket! Leave him alone!”

Bowser roared angrily and he charged against Peach, DK and Toad and began punching with them. Luigi watched the battle and he concocted an idea.

“Daisy, keep pressure on your head,” Luigi said. “I’m gonna get my brother.”

“Be careful,” Daisy warned.

Luigi managed to sneak through the battle and entered the restaurant. He found Mario sulking at a booth.

“Mario, Mario!” Luigi shrieked, crawling to his brother. “Mario, are you okay?”

“No…” Mario admitted. “I failed them. I failed Peach and now I brought danger to our town! I failed Brooklyn!”

Mario began sobbing. Luigi watched helplessly for a little bit until he found a way to cheer up his brother. After all, that was what he does best.

“Mario, listen to me, please,” he begged. “We cannot give up on this now. We have to stand up to that beast and save everyone we love and care about.”

“How?!” Mario asked vehemently. “What can us normal, powerless humans do against a fire-breathing turtle.”

“We can defeat it, just like a knight can do to a dragon,” Luigi insisted.

“Lu, this isn’t a fantasy!” Mario snapped. “This is reality! A place where dreams and fantasies are crazy… just like Dad said.”

Luigi sighed, taking in Mario’s words. He was about to give up when suddenly, the TV turned on and in came their plumbing commercial.

As Luigi stared at the commercial, he saw his brother staring at it, too. “Mario, when we did that commercial, we were so full of life. We have hope to our hearts. That’s why we can’t give that up.”

Mario didn’t say anything this time. He stared at his brother and then back to the TV. His once doubtful face perked up.

“You’re right, Lu,” Mario said. “Thanks.”

The brothers hugged for a moment, and then, they stood up. They also wrapped yellow towels around their shoulders, making them look like capes. The boys now look like superheroes… sort of.

Mario walked to the restaurant door with Luigi in tow. “Alright, Lu… Let’s-a go!”

Chapter 6: The SUPER Mario Bros.


I’m gonna try to finish this story up as soon as I can! Enjoy the scene where the brothers use the Super Star!

Chapter Text

Mario and Luigi left the pizzeria to confront Bowser. They spotted him already giving DK a beating and he was about to finish the Kong off wiretap his nails.

“HEY!!!” Mario screamed at the hot-headed turtle monster.

The scream got Bowser’s attention, and also the attention from everyone else, including Peach, Toad and Daisy, who is still hiding in the alleyway. Everyone looked at the plumber brothers and they were confused as to why they were wearing yellow capes.

“Leave him alone!” Mario demanded.

“Yeah, Bowser!” Luigi agreed. “And we would like you to take your army and go back to the dark lands where you belong!”

Daisy watched Luigi perform his demands. She smiled lovingly at him. He is finally courageous enough to stand up for himself and for his brother and friends.

Bowser dropped DK and he took a few steps toward the brothers. He is very livid.

“You just don’t know when to quit!” He yelled at the brothers, specifically Mario.

“Yeah,” Mario agreed. “I’ve been told that before.”

Mario looked at Peach who is staring at him with a proud smile on her face. The two know that they have a connection now, and he can’t afford to let this turtle monster break it.

Peach suddenly looked to her left and she spotted Kamek using his magic to hold on to the Super Star. She had an idea.

“Mario!” Peach screamed and she broke free from her captors to kick a green shell at the star, knocking away from Kamek and Bowser. “GET THE STAR!!!”

The Super Star flew over the Mario brothers and it landed on the street about twenty yards from them. They stared at the star, and then they glanced back at Bowser.

“NO!!!” Bowser screamed in fury. “THAT’S MINE!!!”

Bowser started running toward the brothers, who squealed in terror and started running to the star. Fearing that they are going to beat him to the star, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and started breathing fire toward them.

While running, Mario accidentally tripped on some rock and he fell to the ground. He looked back, and he sees the flames coming toward him. He closed his eyes and braced himself for impact.

Moments later, nothing happened to him. He didn’t feel any burns or any other pain, so he opened his eyes and he saw that Luigi is protecting him from the flames with the help of a manhole cover.

Peach, DK, Toad and Daisy saw Luigi’s brave act, and they stared at him proudly. It turns out that Mario’s brother does have a spine in him after all and it proved to be quite helpful when needed.

“Lu!” Mario cried out his brother’s name.

“Ahh!” Luigi sighed, starting to feel the burns. He glanced at his brother. “Nothing can hurt us as long as we’re together!”

Mario stared at his brother in amazement. The fact that Lu used his own words just made him realize that he was a good mentor after all

The manhole is starting to melt, however, and Luigi noticed this. “Quick, Mario!” Luigi cried out in a panic. “Get the star! Save our friends, our home!”

Luigi suddenly spotted Mario extending his hand towards him. “Together!” Mario reminded.

Luigi knew what he meant, and he decided to take the risk, and he grabbed Mario’s extended hand. After that, the two brothers quickly ran to the star and tried to leap for it.

It looked really close as the flames consumed the brothers just barely got their fingers on it. After a few seconds of flaming, the fire reminded and all there is was smoke. There was no sign of the brothers.

“NOOO!!!” Peach cried in horror.

“LUIGIIII!!!” Daisy cried in horror.

“NOOO!!!” DK and Toad screamed in unison.

Bowser chuckled evilly as he walked toward the scene to pick up the star. His army cheered wildly at the death of the brothers.

Just when things were looking lost, however, something amazing happened. The smoke started running wildly and there were rainbow-colored flashes that followed.

The smoke finally cleared and it was revealed that the Mario brothers actually got the star and the two are now covered in rainbow colors. The power of the Super Star is now upon them.

Peach, Daisy and the others changed their teary-eyed faces to happy ones as they spotted the brothers. They are happy that the two are alive and well.

Bowser’s cheery face turned to one of shock as he spotted the brothers. His shocked face then turned livid and he tried to stomp them with his big foot.

Fortunately, for the brothers, the foot just stopped as it contacted them, but it is not scathing them. Bowser is now beyond shocked at what just transpired. He realized now that the star is now upon them, making them invincible now.

Realizing this too late, Bowser already felt two fists smashing him up into the air. He was launched over a hundred feet and he landed just close to where up his floating lair is.

As he recovered from his rough landing, Bowser turned to his subjects. “RIP THEM TO PIECES!!!”

The subjects obeyed their master and they charged to the Mario brothers. Despite knowing that they have a disadvantage because of the star’s effects the minions still chose to obey their king’s command.

Mario gave Luigi a silent signal and he charged toward a wave of minions while Luigi ran a different direction. Mario broke a Koopa’s hammer and he grabbed him and he threw him at the group of enemies holding his friends hostage.

DK saw what Mario was doing, and he grabbed Peach and Toad with his big arms. He, then, jumped up into the air as the thrown Koopa hit the group of enemies. Mario’s friends are now safe.

Luigi started battling a group of enemies who were picking on Foreman Spike. After he defeated the enemies, he turned to Spike.

“Oh, hey, Spike!” Luigi greeted, and then he used his super speed to rush back into battle.

Luigi, then head, for the alleyway, and he picked up Daisy and he led her to where Peach and the others are. Putting her down, he turned to Peach.

“Look after her,” Luigi said to Peach, and then, he and Mario started running toward the Koopa army.

Charging up their star power, the brothers instantly defeated the whole army, and they pressed on to where Bowser is. Peach, Daisy and the others watched the battle in amazement. In their minds, the brothers truly are super.

The brothers had to dodge Bullet Bills and defeat some winged Koopas to get closer to Bowser. Before they got close to Bowser, however, they noticed that their parents are watching them from the house window.

To their surprise, the brothers saw that the parents are really proud at what they are doing at the present moment. They smiled back at their parents.

Suddenly, the brothers got gobbled up by a Piranha Plant. This unfortunate event caused the parents to freak out. A moment later, the brothers suddenly zoomed out of the plant’s mouth, killing it in the process.

The parents are, now, really amazed at what they just saw. The brothers swore that they heard their father shout out “Mamma Mia!”

After that, Mario and Luigi finally confronted their turtle adversary, avoiding his attacks, and started beating him up senseless. After knocking him down to the ground, they grabbed his tail and they started swinging him around and then hurled him up into the air.

The brothers, then, used their power to hurl themselves into the air after Bowser, and as soon as they came face to face with him, they balled up their fists, concentrating their power, and they brought their fists down to the turtle’s head. The impact sent Bowser flying down to his lair, cracking it in the process.

The brothers weren’t quite done yet. Intending to finish this, they concentrated their power on both of their feet, they zoomed down to the monster, who tried to use his flames against them.

Fortunately, the flames didn’t affect the brothers one bit, and at long last, they landed on the turtle and buried him under the lair. Microseconds after the power leaking out of the brothers suddenly caused a big sonic boom that was hurled twenty yards.

Before the sonic boom hit the heroic group, they looked at the scene in shock and amazement. They, then, were forced to take cover from the sonic boom.

The boom ended with a lot of smoke filling up almost all of Brooklyn. It went on for a long few minutes.

Chapter 7: Cheers from Brooklyn

Chapter Text

After a long few minutes, smoke finally cleared from the destroyed street of Brooklyn. Peach, Daisy, DK and Toad recovered, and they spotted the brothers, no longer glowing rainbow colors, towering over the defeated Bowser.

“They did it!” Daisy said.

Peach fished out a blue mushroom from a mystery box. “Come on,” she said. “It’s time to finish the job.”

Peach led the rest of the group to join the brothers at the top of the street hill. She gently laid a compassionate hand on Mario’s shoulder, signifying that she’s got this now.

Mario nodded, and Peach walked toward Bowser, who was groaning in pain. He has been knocked senseless by the power of the Super Star.

Bowser opened his eyes and he spotted Peach towering over him with the blue mushroom. “Peaches,” he chuckled nervously. “Uhhh… Listen, this is not the way I pictured it, but give me one more chance?”

Peach and the others groaned in total disgust. “No, thanks,” shsaid with firm finality. “I already have a boyfriend.” She looked at Mario for a microsecond, and then she proceeded to insert the blue mushroom inside the turtle’s mouth, despite his protests.

As the blue mushroom was forced down Bowser’s throat, the effects of it took shape. Bowser shrunk into what a normal turtle would look like.

Toad laughed as he picked Bowser up by the tail. “Hey, hey!” Bowser squealed angrily. “That is not cool!”

Daisy blew a raspberry at Bowser as Toad locked him in a jar. DK laughed heartily.

“He got the blue mushroom!” DK said to Luigi and Daisy. He also bumped Luigi in the arm, making him wince in pain a little.

Mario stared at Bowser for a long moment. He is glad that not only he survived, but he actually beat the turtle and saved Brooklyn from his wrath.

The red plumber then turned to Peach, intending to flirt with her. “See? I told you I’d get you a pet turtle.”

Peach giggled as she remembered what they talked about at Rainbow Road. He asked her if she could come to Brooklyn and he can get her a pet turtle, and she considered it.

“Not bad, Mustache,” the mushroom princess flirted with Mario. “So… what do you think you have in mind for our next date?”

“I have an idea in mind,” Daisy chimed in, getting everyone’s attention. “We can make it a double date somewhere here. Luigi and I made a bet that if he were to stand up for himself for once in his life, I’d let him date me.”

The group then remembered what Luigi did, and they applauded him. “Oh, yeah, that’s right! Way to go, man!” DK was the first to applaud the green plumber.

“Yeah, that was so cool!” Toad added.

“Luigi,” Peach began in a proud tone, “you were so brave!”

“Yes, thanks, Lu,” Mario added. “We couldn’t have achieved victory if not for you.”

Luigi felt bashful. “Ohh… Thanks, guys. Yeah, it’s kinda my thing. Heh heh!”

Luigi chuckled as his brother embraced him. After the brotherly embrace, Daisy took Luigi aside and she gave him a big, wet kiss on the lips, making everyone react in awe.

“Oh, Luigi, you were amazing!” Daisy exclaimed after the kiss. “Wait until you meet my parents. They would love to meet you!”

Luigi’s eyes widened? “Parents? Wow! Can’t wait!” He said and chuckled nervously.

Suddenly, the entire group were startled by a woman’s voice. The brothers turned to see their family running up to meet them.

“Oh, my boys!” Mama Mario said. “My heroes!”

“MAMA!!!” The brothers squealed in unison and they hugged their mother, receiving kisses from her.

After their embrace with their mother, the brothers are approached by their father. “Wahoo!” He exclaimed. “You boys were amazing! Especially you, Mario. Ha ha ha!”

Mario and Luigi stared at their father in shock. This is the first time in a long time that he congratulated them or said something constructive and supportive to them.

“Thanks, Dad,” Mario said with a smile. “But, actually, it was Luigi who was the real hero. I was about to give up after I got cornered by that monster, but he lifted me back on my feet.”

Papa Mario looked at Luigi and smiled. “That’s my boy,” he said to him proudly. “I’m proud of you.” He glanced at Mario. “Both of you! Come here…”

The Mario men embraced each other together. The manly moment was interrupted when DK suddenly grabbed the whole group with his big arms.

“Ah, bring it in!” DK squealed and he squeezed the group very tightly, making them groan in such pain.

The embrace was cut short when something happened just a few yards away from them. A crowd of Brooklyn residents arrived at the scene and they, to the surprise of the brothers, are cheering, clapping.

One of the residents, Foreman Spike, is applauding as well. “LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!!!”

Mario and Luigi looked at the crowd in shock. They cannot believe that the town is cheering for them.

When they started their plumbing business, they were considered a joke by the whole town. Now… they’re hailed as heroes for saving them from a hot-headed turtle monster.

“These are my boys!” Papa Mario yelled to the crowd, and he and Mama Mario started cheering for them as well.

The brothers smiled at each other and they waved at the cheering crowd. Peach, Daisy and the others also waved at the crowd. Together, they did a victory stance and pictures and videos were taken by newspaper paparazzi and people with their smartphones.

Suddenly, a lady in red appeared before the group. She is not the only one not happy about what just transpired.

“QUIET!!!” The lady shouted through the microphone, and everybody did so. “Thank you.” She turned to the brothers. “Now, I appreciate you guys saving up our lives and all, but what do you plan to do about the damages the city has taken?!”

The brothers are shocked, at a loss for words. They have no idea what about this.

That’s where Peach and Daisy showed up. “We can help,” Peach said. “The damages were made by my nemesis, Bowser. In order to make peace with your city, me and my subjects, the toads will help repair the damages your city has taken.”

“Yes,” Daisy added. “My people from Sarasaland will help out, too! And others!”

The lady in red, who is the mayor of Brooklyn, Pauline, looked at the princesses for a moment, and then she smiled. “Very well, then. I will hold you two accountable, and I expect you and your… subjects to help rebuild my town.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Peach said.

“We’ll help get it done, Mayor Pauline,” Mario added.

Everybody agreed to pitch in and help rebuild the damages done in Brooklyn.

Chapter 8: Epilogue


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text


Mario and Luigi woke up in their room thanks to the loud ringing of their alarm clock. Mario turned it off and then he turned on his boombox, which began to play the song “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO.

While the music blared, the plumber brothers took turns taking the shower, and then changed into their plumbing attire. Luigi made coffee for the two, and when they finished, they turned off the boombox, and they gathered their plumbing equipment.

They approached their door, and they opened it to reveal… that they are actually living in the Mushroom Kingdom instead of Brooklyn. When they reached outside, they are already greeted by Peach, Daisy and Toad.

“Morning!” The princesses, who are wearing cute plumbing attire, greeted their boyfriends in unison.

“Morning!” The brothers returned the greeting in unison.

“We have so much to do today at Brooklyn,” Toad declared.”Shall we get going?”

“Hold on, before we do,” Luigi began, “I need to ask… Are you girls sure you want to help us out? I mean, tour job is a dirty one, and—“

“Luigi, we failed to defeat Bowser here at the Mushroom Kingdom,” Daisy replied,” and the battle ended up at Brooklyn. It was because of that a lot of damage was taken over there. Peach and I are willing to do what it takes to fix it.”

“Me, too,” Toad added.

“Well, alright, then,” Luigi said. “Let’s go!” He did his secret handshake with his brother, and they and the others headed for the big green pipe, and they dove down the pipe, heading for Brooklyn.


The end! Hope you guys liked it! I really hope Daisy appears in the sequel. I love the Luaisy shipping a lot. Way more than Mareach!

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